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Nord Electro 6D 73 73-Key Semi-Weighted Stage Piano with Physical DrawBars

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The Nord Electro 6D 76-key stage piano elevates an already well-established keyboard to the next level of live performance. This keyboard features an easy to use interface with split and layering options, extended polyphony and so much more. With the combination of acoustic and electric pianos, sample synth, organ, and built-in effects, you'll be hard-pressed to find a situation where this keyboard is not the ideal solution.

Nord Electro 6D 73 Includes:

  • User Manual
  • Power cord

Nord Electro 6D 73 Features:

  • General:
    • Seamless Transitions
    • 3 part multi-timbral
    • Split and Layer all 3 sections with optional Split Point Crossfades
    • OLED Display for an excellent overview
    • Organize Mode for quickly rearranging programs, sounds, and pages
  • Piano Section:
    • 1GB memory for Nord Piano Library
    • Piano Filters
    • Extended Voice Polyphony
    • Sympathetic String Resonance
    • 4 Dynamic Curves
  • Sample Synth:
    • Expanded memory (512 MB) for Nord Sample Library
    • Extended Voice Polyphony
    • Dedicated Sample Synth section with Attack, Decay/Release and dynamic controls
  • Organ:
    • B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vox and Farfisa simulations
    • 2 Pipe Organ models
    • Dual Organ Mode
    • Model 122 Vintage Rotary Speaker
    • Physical Drawbars on 6D 61 and 6D 73 models
    • Mount for Half-Moon Switch for Rotary Speaker control (6D 61/73)
  • Effects:
    • A wide range of instantly tweakable high-quality stereo effects modeled after classic stompboxes
    • Reverb with Bright Mode

Nord Electro 6D 73 Specifications:

  • Three independent sound sections Organ, Piano and Sample Synth that can be used simultaneously as a layer or a split
  • 6 Keyboard Split points (C3-F5) with Split Point Crossfade functionality
  • Organize/Page mode: Group sets of up to four Programs into Pages, and arrange these using the Organize mode
  • 4 Live Slots
  • External keyboard feature: Freely assign sound engines to be controlled by an external keyboard, while others are played from the Nord Electro 6
  • Organ Section:
    • C2D B3 Tonewheel, B3 Bass, Vox, Farfisa and 2 Pipe organ models
    • User adjustable percussion levels, percussion decays, and key click level
    • Vibrato / Chorus Control with separate functionality for each model (the classic C1, C2, C3, V1, V2, V3 options for the B3, Vibrato for the Farfisa, Chorus/Detune for Pipe organ models)
    • 3 Tonewheel modes: select the level of "vintage" desired
    • Dual Organ mode for control of two independent manuals
    • Manual Organ mode
    • Mount for Half-Moon Switch on Electro 6D 61/73
    • Nord Electro 6D 61/73: 9 Physical drawbars
    • Nord Electro 6 HP: Digital LED drawbars
  • Piano Section:
    • 1GB memory dedicated to the Nord Piano Library
    • Categories: Grand, Upright, Electric, Digital, Layer and Clav/Harpsichord
    • Each category can contain several different models.
    • All pianos can be replaced using the Nord Sound Manager application
    • Advanced String Resonance-control (Gen 2)
    • Soft Release
    • EQ/Filter
    • 4 Dynamic Curves
    • Stereo pianos and samples can be played back in mono
    • 120 Voices polyphony for Piano Library sounds
  • Amp Simulations:
    • Comp/Amp - three amp/speaker simulations, compressor, C2D 122 rotary speaker, Tube Overdrive
    • Drive/Compression amount controlled with the Drive knob
    • Rotary speed controls - Slow, Fast and Stopped
    • Close or Normal microphone placement for 122 Rotary Speaker simulation
    • User adjustable rotary treble and bass rotor speeds and acceleration rates
    • Three-band EQ, with sweepable mid. +/-15dB gain/attenuation
  • Master Effects:
    • Dedicated Reverb with 3 modes - Room, Stage, and Hall - all with optional Bright Mode and Dry/Wet control
    • Dedicated Delay Effect - Rate, Amount, Tap-tempo and Stereo Ping Pong
  • Connections:
    • 2 Audio outputs L & R - ¼", 6.35mm jacks, unbalanced
    • 1 Monitor input - 1/8", 3.5mm stereo jack
    • 1 Headphone output - ¼", 6.35mm stereo jack
    • 1 Control pedal input - ¼", 6.35mm TRS stereo jack, like Yamaha FC7, Roland EV-7, Roland EV-5, Korg EXP2, and Korg XVP10
    • 1 Sustain pedal input - ¼", 6.35mm jack. Use a momentary pedal, like e.g, Roland DP-2, DP-6, Yamaha FC-4, FC-5, Fatar VFP1-25, etc
    • 1 Rotary Speaker speed switch pedal input - ¼",6.35mm jack. Use a momentary pedal or a switch type pedal
    • MIDI In, MIDI Out - 5 pin DIN connectors
    • USB - type B connector - for transferring sounds and USB MIDI
    • IEC C14 power connector
  • Dimensions: 42.3" x 4.8" x 13.5" (1074 x 121 x 344mm)
  • Weight: 25.13lbs (11.4kg)

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