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ChamSys QuickQ 10 Single Universe Compact Lighting Console


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Delivering simplicity and power in a small footprint, the ChamSys QuickQ 10 is a compact lighting controller that supports one universe and up to 512 fixtures. The console also features 20 fixture faders and offers support for a 1920 x 1080 HDMI external monitor. QuickQ consoles are designed with a quick and easy user interface, 9.7" touch screen, and a comprehensive feature-set. Built-in Wi-Fi allows for remote control from a tablet or phone, which can also serve as a 2nd external monitor. These controllers are well-suited for students, volunteers, or part-time operators, and are comfortable to use by professionals on small-scale shows.


  • Large 9.7" touchscreen with easy to understand and intuitive graphical interface
  • (20) fixture faders with fixture, cue, and group modes
  • No limit on number of fixtures, only by number of universes supported
  • A dedicated "color control area" with Hue and Saturation encoders, and built-in palettes and gel libraries using the touch screen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi port for simple connection of tablets and smartphones
  • Supports output of DMX over network via ArtNet/sACN/Pathport
  • QuickQ designer offline software included


  • Touch Screen: 9.7"
  • Universes Supported: 1
  • Fixtures Supported: 512
  • Fixture Faders: 20
  • Bump Buttons: Y
    • Inbuilt Wi-Fi
    • Encoders: 2 dedicated Hue & Saturation
    • Master Faders: 2 Chase, 1 Cue Stack
    • Network ports: 1, with Artnet & sACN support
    • Audio: In & Out
    • External Monitor: (1) 1920 x 1080 HDMI
    • USB Ports: 2
    • Multi-Function Fixture faders: 20
    • Cue Stack Playbacks: 1
    • Chase Playbacks: 2
    • DMX Outputs 5-Pin XLR: 1
    • Universes: 1
    • Channels: 512
    • Number of fixtures: limited by channels supported
    • RDM Autopatch for fast show patching
    • Fixture library of over 25,000 fixture files
    • Built in FX generator
    • Colour picker and Gel inbuilt Gel library
    • Offline designer software available for Windows and Mac
    • Supports Moving Lights: LEDs and Dimmers
  • Size: 20.67" x 13.78" x 4.17"
  • Weight: 10.34 lbs.

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