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Biamp Community R2-52MAX Dual 12" 3-Way Speaker, Weather Resistant


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The R2-52MAX from Community is a full-range 3-way loudspeaker system designed to deliver premium "No Compromise" music reproduction at very high output levels, also improving upon the legendary R2 voice projection and intelligibility capabilities, adding 50° x 20° long range coverage with high-power 1-inch exit HF and dual M200HP midrange drivers. It's engineered with the same materials and construction as the standard R2 for extreme weather resistance, and is able to withstand long-term exposure to tough environmental conditions.

The R2-MAX is engineered and built with premium components in a biamp format, maximally optimizing its performance. It employs a very high sensitivity 1" HF compression driver that delivers extended HF response and balanced frequency response with the rest of the system. The HF driver is operated with a high crossover frequency and maintains very high headroom, providing effortless performance. The high power dual 12" LF drivers feature an aluminum demodulation ring for very clean, low distortion performance. The dual midrange drivers are higher performance versions of the legendary low compression ratio M200 2" exit compression driver, achieving 3dB greater output with extremely low distortion. The passive MF/HF horn signal aligns the drivers for the best music and speech performance possible. All this results in an excellent loudspeaker system that is capable of exceeding expectations in any application.


  • Main PA Element:
    • Arenas
    • Stadiums
    • Racetracks
    • Amusement Parks
    • Themed Entertainment Facilities
    • Fairgrounds
    • Rodeos
    • Air Shows
    • Convention Centers
    • Multipurpose Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Community R2-52MAX Features:

  • Modern stadium loudspeaker, designed to meet the needs of sporting venuesfor superb musicality, esxcellent speeech intelligibillity and very highoutput
  • High sensitivity, very high output, with flat extended frequency response
  • Premium music applications for longer distances
  • Signal aligned passive MF/HF horn coaxially mounted in front ofelectronically signal aligned LF drivers
  • Very high sensitivity HF driver for improved balanced response andextension

Community R2-52MAX Technical Specifications†:

  • †Note: All measurements are taken indoor using a timewindowed and processed signal to eliminate room effects, approximating an anechoic environment, a distance of 6.0 m. All acoustic specifications are rounded to the nearest whole number. An external DSP with settings provided by Community Professional Loudspeakers is required to achieve the specified performance; further performance gains can be realized using Community's dSPEC226 loudspeaker processor with FIR power response optimization.
  • Operating Environment: Indoor / Continuous outdoor direct exposure
  • Operating Range*: 71 Hz to 19.5 kHz
    • *Note: The frequency range in whichthe on-axis processed response remains within 10dB of the average SPL.
  • Nominal Beamwidth (H x V): 50° x 20°
  • Transducers:
    • LF –2 x 12" inherently weather-resistant cones with 3" voice coil, neodymium motor and aluminum demodulation ring
    • MF - 2 x 2" exit, M200HP compression, 3.5" diaphragm, 2.2" Voice coil, high temp non-metallic diaphragm
    • HF – 1 x 1" exit compression, 1.7" voice coil, demodulation ring, ketone polymer diaphragm
  • Continuous Power Handling* @ Nominal Impedance:
    • LF: 98V, 1200W @ 8 ohms (4800W peak)
    • MF/HF: 53V, 350W @ 8 ohms (1400W peak)
    • *Note: Maximum continuous input voltage (and the equivalent power rating,in watts, at the stated nominal impedance) that the system can withstand,without damage, for a period of 2 hours using an EIA-426-B defined spectrum;with recommended signal processing and protection filters.
  • Nominal Sensitivity*:
    • LF:
      • @ 1W: 102 dB
      • @ 2.83V: 102 dB
    • MF/HF:
      • @ 1W: 110 dB
      • @ 2.83V: 110 dB
    • *Note: Averaged SPL over the operating range with an input voltage thatwould produce 1 Watt at the nominal impedance and the averaged SPL over theoperating range with a fixed input voltage of 2.83V, respectively; swept sinewave axial measurements with no external processing applied in whole space,except where indicated.
  • Nominal Maximum SPL* (Whole Space):
    • LF:
      • Peak: 139 dB
      • Continuous: 133 dB
    • MF/HF:
      • Peak: 141 dB
      • Continuous: 135 dB
    • *Note: Calculated based on nominal / peak power handling, respectively, andnominal sensitivity; exclusive of power compression.
  • Equalized Sensitivity*: System:
    • @ 1W: 104 dB
    • @ 2.83V: 104 dB
    • *Note: The respective SPL levels produced when an EIA-426-B signal isapplied to the equalized loudspeaker system at a level which produces a totalpower of 1 Watt, in sum, to the loudspeaker subsections and also at a levelwhich produces a total voltage, in sum, of 2.83V to the loudspeakersubsections, respectively; each referenced to a distance of 1 meter.
  • Equalized Maximum SPL7: System:
    • Peak: 141 dB
    • Continuous: 135 dB
    • *Note: The SPL produced when an EIA-426-B signal is applied to theequalized loudspeaker system, at a level which drives at least one subsectionto its rated continuous input voltage limit, referenced to a distance of 1meter. The peak SPL represents the 2:1 (6dB) crest factor of the EIA-426-Btest signal.
  • Recommended Amplifiers:
    • LF: 1200W - 2400W @ 8 ohms, (98V - 139V)
    • MF/HF: 350W - 700W @ 8 ohms, (53V - 75V)
  • Input Connection: 2 x 12ft (3.6 m) 16-2 SJOW cables
  • Mounting Provisions: (5) 1/2"-13 threaded rigging points, Steel zinc-rich epoxy dual-layer powder-coated bracket with (2) aluminum aiming straps to secure angle
  • Environmental: IP55 (per IEC 60529), conforms with MIL-STD-810G
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 24.75" x 24.75" x 30.75" (629 x 629 x 781 mm)
  • Weight:
    • Product:
      • › 99 lbs (44.9 kg) loudspeaker only
      • › 122 lbs (55.3 kg) loudspeaker and yoke
    • Shipping: 132 lbs (59.9 kg)
  • Enclosure / Finish: Hand-laminated multilayer fiberglass with paintable Light Grey gel-coat
  • Grille: 3-layer Weather-Stop™ with polyester mesh, foam, zinc-rich epoxy dual-layer powder-coated perforated steel color-matchedtoenclosure

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